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Alabama Medicaid

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Attention ACHN Participating Providers: The deadline to submit PCMH attestation for FY2023 is 10/1/2022. ALL interested PCP Groups must attest to the Agency no later than 10/1/2022.

Attention All Providers: As of July 5, 2022 Providers who are eligible to update their Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information for receiving payments from Alabama Medicaid can now do so using the Provider Secure Web Portal. Providers who wish to make updates will log into the Web Portal and navigate to Provider -> EFT Account to enter and save the new account information. If no changes are required no action should be taken. In the future this method will replace the current methods available such as EFT forms and/or the Provider Enrollment Portal EFT application. Users with questions about the new process can see the Medicaid ALERT dated 6/28/2022 or contact the EMC Helpdesk at 1-800-456-1242 or via email at

All previously published expiration dates related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency are once again extended by the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The new expiration date is the earlier of October 31, 2022, the conclusion of the COVID-19 National emergency, or any expiration date noticed by the Alabama Medicaid Agency through a subsequent ALERT. A listing of previous Provider ALERTs and notices related to the health emergency is available by selecting the Agency's COVID-19 page in the bottom section:

Welcome to the Alabama Medicaid Interactive web site!

    This site is intended for providers, clerks, and trading partners.

    The secure site gives providers, clerks and billing agents the opportunity to view Claim and Prior Authorization status as well as Eligibility Verification inquiries and to upload and download standard X12 and NCPDP transactions.

    To proceed with logging into the secure site, go to Account >> Secure Site.

    Use of this network is restricted to authorized users only. User activity may be monitored and/or recorded. Anyone using this network expressly consents to such monitoring and/or recording. BE ADVISED: if possible criminal activity is detected, these records, along with certain personal information, may be provided to law enforcement officials.

    For additional information regarding Alabama Medicaid policies, procedures and contact information please refer to the Alabama Medicaid Agency web site at

    For additional information regarding Provider EFT or ERA, including but not limited to enrollments, updates and reassociation please refer to the link below: