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Alabama Medicaid

Sunday, February 28, 2021
TPL Supporting Documentation may now be uploaded electronically through the Web Portal using the Digital Upload form and selecting “Attachments” for the Form Type.

CMS discontinued the RY2020 Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM) Audit for Medicaid and CHIP due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will not report state specific errors for this cycle. Providers may close any pending requests for medical records received from NCI AdvanceMed, Inc.

Attention ACHN Providers: Changes have been made to the bonus payment distribution. See the “Changes to the Alabama Coordinated Health Network (ACHN) Bonus Payment Distribution” ALERT on the Medicaid website for more details.

All previously published expiration dates related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency are once again extended by the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The new expiration date is the earlier of March 31, 2021, the conclusion of the COVID-19 National emergency, or any expiration date noticed by the Alabama Medicaid Agency through a subsequent ALERT. A listing of previous Provider ALERTs and notices related to the health emergency is available by selecting the Agency’s COVID-19 page in the bottom section:
PES Software Full Install

Provider Electronic Solution

Instructions for PES Software Installation

Providers are strongly encouraged to exit all other Windows programs before running the setup program. This includes MS Word, e-mail systems, or other applications.
Please Note: If you install the full install over an existing version of the HIPAA compliant version of Provider Electronic Solutions, it will overwrite your database with a new database if installed as a "Typical" installation.

  1. Review the information on the page. Use the scroll bar to move down the page, until you see the latest Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install. Click on the "ZIP" image under the Download column below.

  2. Your browser may ask you if you want to open the application or save it to disk. Choose "Save it to Disk" then click on "OK" button to choose a directory on your hard drive. Please note this application is too large to fit on a 3.5" diskette. If you choose not to save it to your hard drive, you must have a Zip drive, CD/ROM Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) recorder, or some other method for saving large files.

  3. Wait while the Zip file downloads. The download time varies depending on your Internet connection, your PC's processing speed, and other factors. When the download is complete, access the Zip file through Windows Explorer or File Manager if your download screen closes and continue to step 5, if it does not close than continue to step 4.

  4. After the download has completed, the download box will ask if you wish to OPEN, OPEN FOLDER, CLOSE. Choose "OPEN". A new box will appear.

  5. Double click on "setup.exe" (a blue computer icon may be displayed.) Wait until the Setup Screen Welcome window displays.

  6. Click NEXT after reviewing the text in the window. The setup window will display.

  7. Typical - Installs all the files, including the database. This installation is used to install the software to a stand-alone PC, or to initially install the software to a network server. Most installations will be typical installations.

    Workstation - Used to add the software to additional PCs that are connected to a network server, where all users share a database. This installation type does not load the database files to the PC; however, it does allow for sharing the database files that were installed to the network.

  8. Click "Next" to install the application to the default destination folder.

  9. Click "Next" to choose the default destination folder (recommended) or click Browse to select another destination folder. Then click "Next" to advance the setup program. The following message displays:

  10. Please note the database destination folder for future WORKSTATION setups.

  11. Click "OK" to access the Setup Complete window. Click "Finish" to complete setup.

DO NOT install this version if you are attempting to upgrade.
This is ONLY a Full Install. The upgrades are located on the PES Software Upgrades Page.

Description (.zip) Date Download
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.11 February 18, 2020
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.10 March 7, 2018
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.09 October 30, 2017
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.08 June 30, 2017
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.07 February 16, 2017
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.06 September 28, 2016
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.05 January 29, 2016
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.04 April 08, 2015
Provider Electronic Solutions Full Install - version 3.03 October 26, 2013

Last Modified: February 18, 2020