Online Panel Help
Account Setup-Setup
Field Descriptions:
cancelThis button discards any changes made to the page and stays on the same page.
setup accountThis button displays the user profile panel.
submitThis button submits the user profile and navigates to the Home page.
1st AnswerEnter the 1st secret question Answer.
1st Secret QuestionEnter 1st secret security question for the account user.
2nd AnswerEnter Answer to 2nd Secret Question.
2nd Secret QuestionEnter 2nd secret security question for the account user.
Confirm EmailEnter the email address again to confirm.
Confirm PasswordEnter the password again to confirm.
Contact First NameEnter the first name of the account user.
Contact Last NameEnter the last name of the account user.
EmailEnter the email address of the account user.
Login IDEnter the login identification.
PasswordEnter the password for user account. A web password must be at least 8 bytes in length and at a minimum must include a combination of the following requirements with a minimum of 3 out of the 4 requirements included:
  • 1 Lower Case value
  • 1 Upper Case value
  • 1 Numeric value
  • 1 Special Character (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/)
  • Personal Identification NumberEnter the personal identification number (PIN).
    Phone NumberEnter the Phone Number of the account user.
    Phone Number ExtEnter the extension for the phone number of the account user. This field is optional.
    User NameEnter the login identification for the user account.